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Jul 10 2014

Password Requests

Hello dear Visitors

I decided to write You something about “Request a password” section here on

We have filled and sent out many of Your requested passwords, but what a pitty, just very few of you answered back with thanks or something alike. It is really not in our interests to keep filling the requests, if no feedback is coming back. And, of course, we cannot fill the requests publicly, because there is many of you and passwods are blocked and dead fasts. So, new rules: from now on, keep requesting, but only when couple of you request the same site, we will take time and get fresh hacks for You. Second new thing, we will be choosing each month one of requesters, who will be getting his own, one month working pass for site he wanted. It means, think twice what are You requesting.

PS: You can post requests directly to the Site post, not only to Request a password section ;-)

Thank You for understanding, our team wish You happy surfing and great day. Enjoy and cheers, PP admin

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